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Preludium till August

2021-08-13 | F

music: Rikard Olajos

for piano/organ


Another prelude for a christening. The composition is going for a majestic sound in the main theme and also with a middle section that is more youthful and careful.

The prelude is composed so it can be easily arranged for organ or kept as is, and played on piano.

Preludium No. 2

2019-11-04 | C

music: Rikard Olajos

for piano


My second prelude for piano. This time I tried to extend my composition a bit more with a B section that contrasts more with the theme.

Preludium No. 1

2019-05-23 | G

music: Rikard Olajos

for piano


A short prelude for piano.

Fire and Ice

2019-02-27 | E

music: Rikard Olajos

lyrics: Robert Frost
for baritone and piano


I put music to another poem by Robert Frost. Again for the /r/MonthlyComposition.

Acquainted with the Night

2018-10-19 | B♭

music: Rikard Olajos

lyrics: Robert Frost
for piano and solo voice


I put music to a poem by Robert Frost as part of the October challenge over at /r/MonthlyComposition. I have always enjoyed the work of Robert Frost so I really wanted to try my hand at the challenge.

Will the Circle be Unbroken

2018-10-02 | C

music: Rikard Olajos

lyrics: Ada R. Habershon
for guitar


The inspiration for this endeavour all comes from the game Bioshock Infinite where hymn is used almost as the main theme. I wrote my instrumentation for guitar even though I am not too comfortable with the instrument but I believe the piece is playable.

A Ballad of John Silver

2018-10-02 | D♭

music: Rikard Olajos

lyrics: John Masefield
for a salty pirate and harpsichord


This was my entry for a friendly competition at /r/MonthlyComposition. The text challenge of the September 2018 Composition Challenge was to set John Masefield's A Ballad of John Silver to music.

Preludium till Thea

2018-08-18 | G

music: Rikard Olajos

for organ


Prelude for a christening. A lot of the inspiration came from J. S. Bach when writing this prelude, although the B section is taking more from the romantic era of classical music to give some contrast and dynamic.

Originally I wanted to write some registrations as well in the sheet but when I finally performed the prelude at the christening it was at a chest organ and I ended up playing tutti. This to give the piece a more joyous tone.

Nu rodnat ljuvligt löven har

2018-10-13 | G

music: Rikard Olajos

lyrics: Adam Hirshals Illi
for organ


Autumn psalm with text from Adam Hirshals Illi. Original post here.

Hymn för Sankt Stefanos

2017-09-09 | E

music: Rikard Olajos

lyrics: Adam Hirshals Illi
for SATB


A Christmas carol in a typical Swedish form, a hymn for Saint Stephen (Staffansvisa).

Fughetta in G-major

2015-12-15 | G

music: Rikard Olajos

for flute, oboe and bassoon


After reading up on counter point and the structure of fugues, this was my first attempt.